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How is your anti-racist action plan going?

Do you think your team is racist? Do you really know?

  • We’ll undertake a thorough audit of your team, department or organisation.
  • We’ll review staff to identify skills and knowledge gaps and assess personal experiences of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion.
  • We look at organisational culture, processes, business templates, brand guidelines, production tools and your supply chain. We’ll even review your creative  and employee campaigns.

After this, we’ll provide a detailed assessment of where you are, plus full recommendations for the next steps on your anti-racist journey.

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When was the last time you challenged your thinking around racism? 

  • We run group talks, interactive workshops and seminars that teach, inform, and train colleagues of all races on how to be anti-racist in their roles.
  • We’ll help your teams and organisations get comfortable being uncomfortable and allow room to get things wrong.
  • We provide a safe, nurturing, supportive space to explore topics such as the history of racism in advertising, colourism, texturism, stereotypes, intersectionality, code-switching, microaggressions and covert racism.
  • We explore the the unconscious processes that can often disrupt an otherwise progressive team.

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What does anti-racist coaching look like? 

  • We offer individual or group coaching sessions to support People of Colour to be their authentic selves at work.
  • We help clients to deal with everyday racism while working in predominately white organisations and industries. 
  • Our support enables individuals to perform at their best even in challenging and isolating environments. 

What we will work on;

  • Developing sustainable goals
  • Breaking through inhibiting scripts
  • Raising your professional profile
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Building your brand and CV
  • Tackling overworking and finding balance
  • Being your authentic unapologetic self

Coaching is offered on private and corporate rates and available via video or phone. 

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