Our Clients

We asked some of our clients to share their experiences and here’s what they had to say…

Greater confidence to move forward

Lydia has helped me validate and name many of the behaviours I experienced as a female person of colour working in the corporate world over 20 years as unfair and racist. I’ve been able to talk freely to her without fear or judgement. I now appreciate the exceptional skills, knowledge and experience that I have and greater confidence to move forward in a new direction.

Author & Marketing Consultant

Industry knowledge and no-nonsense approach

The coaching sessions with Lydia boosted my confidence and helped me to set clear, achievable objectives that enabled me to achieve my career ambition. I appreciated her industry knowledge and real no-nonsense approach. Lydia got me to where I needed to be.

Senior Marketing Manager

Wittiness and safety

Since working with Lydia I have definitely seen an improvement in the way I approach my job, navigate multiple projects and manage professional relationships. I really appreciate her professionalism, wittiness and the safety she has created . She is very intuitive, kind and caring.

Marketing Professional

Sees through a racial lens

My experience of Lydia has been glorious. There is no coach like her with this exceptional combination of psychotherapeutic training and cultural competence. For a mixed race woman like me, Lydia is able to see things through my racial lens and that has been so essential to understanding how my identity affects my life achievements and work. She is immensely talented and has thoroughly supported me with my goals in a culturally sensitive manner. 

Creative Director