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Founder Lydia Puricelli-Culverwell
is an anti-racist activist, speaker, writer, trainer, marketing professional, qualified executive coach and trainee psychotherapist. For more than 20 years she worked in predominantly white marketing departments and creative agencies across global organisations. She combines this lived work experience with her Anti-racist, Justice, Diversity Equity & Inclusion activism plus coaching qualifications to bring about change. She focuses on the unique challenges People of Colour and other marginalised groups face with diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion in the corporate world. How this affects their ability to perform in their roles and the impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

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What we do

We get it. Racism is a scary subject, it’s complex. But it’s not just about hate – privilege, access, ignorance, unconscious bias and apathy all play their part. And it’s not just individuals who are racist. Systemic institutional racism is real in all organisations and it impacts everyone.

We understand the specific challenges facing the organisations, teams, marketing and creative industries when it comes to diversity, over two decades working in marketing showed us. We also see the huge opportunities and influence being anti-racist in your role will create.

We combine our lived experience and knowledge with critical race theory, collective psychology and coaching skills to teach your employees how to challenge the status quo on diversity, equality, equity and inclusion so they are empowered to dismantle racism in their role and brand.

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Tailored approach

We take a tailored approach to your organisation and the industries your work across.